“Mike is a gifted musician who also possesses the people skills and the educator’s intuition needed to pass this gift on to others. As my guitar instructor, he has instinctively tailored our lessons to my specific skill level and interests, and I have benefited greatly from his ability to tie in both theory and practice in an engaging way. My lessons with Mike have been productive, encouraging and fun, and are helping me to be a better all-around musician as well as a better guitarist.
Mike is also outstanding as a group facilitator. As the host of the UKESTRA, he has created a space where novices and experts of all ages and backgrounds enjoy playing the ukulele and learning from each other.
I strongly recommend Mike as a teacher, and I think he would be a great asset to any music program.”
~Linnea Micciulla, Senior Linguistic Specialist

“Mike is the perfect storm that results from the combination of knowledge of a wide variety of music genres, excellent guitar technique, and a friendly, accessible personality. Student guitarists of any age seeking to study contemporary music should seek him out!”
~Elise MacDonald, Scheduling Coordinator, Concert Operations, Berklee College of Music
“Mike is an outstanding guitar teacher. He does a great job of customizing his teaching methods to fit your style and abilities. If you are looking for someone to help you take your guitar playing to the next level, look no further.”
~Richard Dennis. Director, Engineering, QmagiQ LLC
“Mike is an all around great guitar teacher; very knowledgeable but not in a snobby way. I think some of his best teaching attributes are patience and encouragement, both of which were put to the test in the five or six years he was instructing me. He is a very accomplished musician but it is not below him to jam with a virtual beginner and have fun fitting in a support role rather than taking over the show. Mike and I have become good friends but it is easy to call upon his excellent musical experience when the need arises i.e. “what key is this or what chord sounds better here”. I look forward to our time together in the projects that have evolved from me being his student. My life is richer having to have gotten to know Mike.”
~Jesse Foster, 27 year veteran Firefighter, Chelmsford Fire Department, North Chelmsford, MA

“I have known Mike since his days at the music academy. He was my first music instructor. I was 55 years old and did not know what to make of this young instructor. It turned out to be the perfect fit. He was patient and understanding of this old timer’s needs. Mike relates well to both old and young people. I particularly enjoyed the ensembles. I started out not being able to play a chord and with his help went on to improve drastically. When the Ukestra was started he led the group well and we have profited from his music knowledge. He has helped me with the guitar, mandolin, bass and ukulele. It is because of him that I kept up with music. He makes it fun, interesting and doesn’t mind a little improv and jazz. He knows music theory but isn’t a music snob; that is what makes him a good teacher. He relates well to other people. I would highly recommend Mike as a music teacher.”
~Bob Makem, Musician, High School Electronics Instructor/Play Stage Manager/ Assistant Director/Retired Electronics Engineer

I am extremely pleased with the guitar lessons and tech work provided by Mike Loce. My guitar playing, songwriting and confidence have improved because of his instruction and mentoring. Mike Loce treats guitars with great care and he has helped me learn basic maintenance for my own instruments. I would recommend Mike Loce to anyone. He has been an experienced and devoted teacher who has encouraged and assisted me in making great strides in my guitar playing, which benefits my future musical ambitions.

~Tammy A. Carlson, published songwriter and vocalist


“I’m a retired director of technical development for a security oriented company. I play accordion and harmonica, and found Mike Loce though a mutual friend. Our group, the Ukestra, organized and led by Mike, is just a lot of fun! It’s very laid back, and we sing and play all sorts of songs. Mike is always there to help us with unusual chord fingerings, and to suggest a way to attack a new passage. I also took a private lesson from Mike and got off to a good start learning to play the uke. I’d recommend Mike and the group to anyone!”
~Bill Baukus
“I joined the Nashua Ukestra last June and I am the newest member of the group. Mike made me feel very welcome and has a natural and professional way of leading the Ukestra. Mike makes music fun and interesting, and is always there to lend a helping hand if needed.”
~Melissa Mistretta, Respiratory Therapist
“Mike Loce is a great leader, full time pro teacher, fun to be with and is super accommodating to every level of player. There are people in our group from every walk of life, and after your first session, you’re “one of the family”! We receive tech and fingering tips, handouts, and concert playing opportunities. Casual atmosphere and energizing teaching!”
~Ellen Friel, artist and musician, uke devotee

“I have been playing music with Mike for a year now and he is a most capable teacher and player… and is very gifted at bringing the talent out of his players and students.”
~Tony Nasta, Appliance Technician at BestBuy, musician
“I would like to take the time to thank you for your patience in working with me over the past year or so. Your easy going style makes it easier for an adult student to learn. And at the same time working in ideas to keep things moving forward.
I would recommend you to anybody that is looking to learn or improve on the skills as a guitarist, and please feel free to use me as a reference.
Hopefully we can get together soon for the strummers group.”
~Bill Linane, Sales and Inventory Coordinator, C.N. Wood Co., Inc.
I have worked with Mike for several years, as both his student and as a member of the Ukestra which he founded and continues to lead. Under his tutelage, I have studied guitar and ukulele and have improved my skills and confidence significantly while thoroughly enjoying the lessons. As a member of the Ukestra, I have witnessed Mike’s ability to lead a very large group of musicians with very diverse abilities, ages and musical interests. He engages the entire group by actively soliciting ideas on everything from music selection, to practice schedules and gigs, and then downselecting from the inputs to make and communicate clear decisions that work for the majority. Ukestra practices and gigs led by Mike are happy social and musical outlets for 10-20 mostly amateur musicians each week. It is important to note that Mike always recognizes that we are participating in the Ukestra as a hobby. He maintains that the practice is fun, the gig schedule light.

~Maureen Hibbard, Sr. Principal Semiconductor Engineer, BAE


As an adult student, I can honestly say Mike Loce is an outstanding guitar teacher. I’ve had several knowledgeable guitar teachers throughout my life time, but from my experience Mike is the best.  What sets him aside from the others is his desire to help his students reach their full potential as a guitarist.  Personally what I’m truly grateful for, that no other teacher could get through my thick skull is, how to improvise using the whole neck and mixing scales while improvising.  For that I’m forever grateful.

             ~Mary Paquin, IT Professional

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