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What is a Music Goals Coach℠?I decided some time ago I needed to describe how I approached being an educator.  I invented the term, “Music Goals Coach“.  Yes, it’s a proprietary phrase 🙂 Read on!

First and foremost, an MGC is a teacher. However, the MGC uses the educating opportunity in a custom tailored style for each individual.  In academic circles this is known as differentiated education.

 Only when the teacher has reached the point of independent process for each student (i.e. no “templates”), can the development of music goals be truly identified, realized, and worked on with the student. Total communication both ways is essential to be an MGC…this is why the process works on all ages, regardless of level.  This is also a useful step for a teacher who feels burnt out, stale, or cycling around and around in their own practice. I advise those who already are in the independent teaching forum, as I look upon colleagues with great respect.  

  I have been teaching for many years, and use this experience now with a balanced, thorough, and relaxed approach to people who not only want to learn to play an instrument, but discover that those musical dreams and goals they have can be obtained in a logical and fun manner.  The results always surprise and entertain.  Why not sign up for a session/lesson, and see what the buzz is about!  For teaching/educator advisement, rates are different from standard lesson rates. For a resume, please take a look at my Linkedin page.


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