This professional composing and performing act features the talents of flutist Rebecca Jeffreys . The sound of this act is rich and simple with layers of emotional complexity. We draw from our varied skills in classical, jazz, pop, rock and other styles.  We classify under “World Music”, though it’s a wide umbrella!  In the spring of 2017, we added the talents of Jennifer Spaziani, professional drummer and percussionist.  Check our website, SuperKava Music for sounds!

Note: as of 2019, SuperKava is not booking. Our apologies, and thank you to those who enjoyed the project! This page and our website will be left up for reference.


Mike in performance with colleagues Rebecca Jeffreys and Jen Spaziani (SuperKava)


Original duo: Rebecca and Mike. Courtesy Mark Stern Photography.

We perform an expanding set of music from the jazz, rock, world and folk tradition.  From these sources, the true focus of the collaboration is a composing partnership.  We bring to the table a wide variety of music tastes and loves for different sounds, inspired by ethnic and international influences.  We have fun writing music together and enjoy many laughs along the way.



Mike, Jen, Rebecca. SuperKava Trio


Final SuperKava concert performance, 2019.



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